About us:

Since 2009, Childline Mpumalanga has put more focus on community awareness around Child protection issues so as to build the capacity of the communities that Childline is serving.

This is whereby the Training Department was established in 2011 in order to support the work of the community care workers among the orphans and vulnerable children in all the 8 sites in which Childline is operating.

The Department is led by a Training Manager, working together with 5 Training Facilitators and 5 Training Assistants who are reporting to the Training manager on all TCB activities.

Currently Childline runs the following training programmes:

  • Empowering children within schools on various matters related to child abuse through age appropriate school talks and puppet shows in small groups of 20 children.
  • Also reaching out to educators in order to build their understanding of child abuse and children’s rights.
  • Conducting a 6 days training to Crèche teachers in order to empower them to better care for children under their care as well as to ensure early identification of Child abuse and neglect.
  • Implementing behaviour change programme at all 8 sites after school hours with OVC’s in small groups of 15 children to promote abstinence or delayed sexual initiation in order to reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS and teenage pregnancy.
  • Conducting a 2 days’ workshop to community stakeholders in order to sensitize key role players such as ward counsellors within the community on the challenges that are affecting our children in the communities they live in by providing all these relevant stakeholders and the community at large with information that assist and encourage child care, safety, protection and nurturing by all stakeholders.
  • Conducting an accredited training to supervisors of community caregivers focusing on building the capacity of communities in the area of child protection.
  • Conducting a one day workshop in all 8 sites aimed at reducing vulnerability in women and promote sustainability through access to information such as healthy lifestyle choices and resources in order to protect them from the impact of abuse.
  • Conducting a one day workshop in all 8 sites aimed at balancing the demands of managing a household with schoolwork in order to reduce the high rate of school dropouts in child-headed households by strengthening them in child protection as well as informing them on available resources within the community.
  • Conducting a one day workshop to groups of 20 males represented from each CDP site during Father’s day, aimed at implementing a man and boy strategy to prevent gender based violence, promoting gender equality and empowering women by breaking the circle of violence through prevention and protection measures that targets men and boys.
  • Conducting a 2 day workshop to a group of 15 CDP Care workers in all 8 sites aimed at building the capacity of Care Workers to effectively work by learning to take care of themselves.
  • Conducting a one day workshop to a group of 15 CDP care workers aimed at strengthening interventions that address the vulnerability of infants, orphans and vulnerable children, girls and women on HIV and TB infection.
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