The Childline Mpumalanga (CLMPU) office was launched seventeen years ago in 2003 as the need of children in Mpumalanga was observed.  Childline Mpumalanga (affiliated to Childline South Africa) is operating very effectively and has been acknowledge for its efforts through three awards from the Kruger Lowveld Chamber of Business and Tourism (KLCBT).

Now in its 25th year, Childline South Africa operates in all the 9 provinces in South Africa.  Childline South Africa is affiliated to Child Helpline International and hosted the 6th international consultation conference on children in October 2012. Childline Mpumalanga’s toll free number operates, 365 days a year 24 hours a day. Childline provides telephonic counselling and where necessary and appropriate, links children with services they require for rescue and /or assistance in and around their areas.

CLMPU has a history of effective service provision to children and their families. The organisation focuses its programmatic efforts on the most vulnerable children in the province. CLMPU (with previous support from SA Government, Business and international funders) serve amongst others children who have been made vulnerable as a result of the combined impact of HIV/AIDS, abuse, neglect and poverty as well as violations of children’s rights that impact on their care, safety and development.

Mpumalanga – “the place where the sun rises” –is the second-smallest province in South Africa. It is a province with spectacular scenic beauty and an abundance of wildlife. According to mid-2014 StatsSA, the population cohort of Mpumalanga was ranked sixth (7.8%) of the total share of South African population. Of these 43% of the total population were children below 19. CLMPU is mandated to serve all of the children in Mpumalanga, comprising of almost 43% of the total population. Moreover, Mpumalanga is the province with the 2nd highest prevalence of HIV (35,6%) after KZN (37,4%) with high numbers of school teen pregnancies (MPU is 4th highest in the country). This raises concern that these children run the risk for being infected with HIV as being pregnant is evident that they were engaged in an unprotected sex.

CLMPU are in an excellent position to focus its programmatic efforts on rolling out of the Child protection and prevention of abuse in the province. The organisation is well established and respected in providing services to children and families throughout the province through the 24 hour Crisisline, social work and community development, victim empowerment and capacity building services. The organisational approach has a potential to reach all children aged between 0-18 years and their families.

As a corporate body, CLMPU have the vision to prevent child abuse and promote and protect the welfare of all children and child support systems in these provinces. The organizations work with a mission to establish a culture of respect for all children’s rights as described in national legislation to ensure a safe and stable future for our children through committing itself to:

  • Provide a 24 hour counselling service to all children calling the toll free number and assuring that the children in need of specific interventions get help, as well as to all beneficiaries coming to Thuthuzela Centres run by CLMPU for assistance.
  • Provide specific social work therapeutic counselling to children and families referred to CLMPU.
  • Engage with communities and stakeholders towards sustainable care and support for orphaned and vulnerable children and their support structures.
  • Empowering children and child related stakeholders in Mpumalanga and advocating the plight of children through specific trainings and capacity building activities.
  • Provide emotional support, containment and therapy to victims of gender based violence.
  • Monitor and evaluate the impact of our services and to report accordingly.
  • Achieve sustainability though synergy of good corporate governance strong financial controls and high quality services.