The Health and Welfare Sector Education and Training Authority (HWSETA) funding webpage 2020

Childline Mpumalanga is a registered and approved Organisation to implement HWSETA learning programmes SDL NUMBER: L270749858

The Health and Welfare Sector Education and Training Authority (HWSETA) endeavours to create an integrated approach to develop and provide appropriately skilled health and social development of Childline Mpumalanga workers, to enable them to render quality and effective services comparable to world-class standards of all South Africans.

The main core functions of HESWTA at Childline Mpumalanga is to coordinate the Skills development planning and programmes(SDP) which are divided into three sub-divisions, namely:

  1. Learning Programmes
  2. Workplace Skills Planning
  3. Projects

Hereunder are the Overview and Functions of SDP Division:

  • The SDP Division’s core mandate is to co-ordinate support by encouraging registered employers to submit mandatory grant reports as per the Skills Development Act and Skills Development Levies act.
  • They help the Organisation to register and implement learning programmes (Learnership, Skills Programmes, Internships and Bursaries)
  • They administer the submission of Workplace Skills Plans and Implementation Reports (WSPIRs)
  • They support/facilitate the implementation of the National Skills Development Strategy
  • They capacitate Skills Development Facilitators (SDFs)
  • They Administering Change of SETA Jurisdiction Applications Assist stakeholders with any skills development/ HWSETA related processes.
  • They Issued proof of registration and completion of learners (necessary for those employers who qualify to receive the Tax Rebate)
  • the Receiving and approving Expression of Interest applications is coordinated by SDP division which is the core division of HWSETA.

In conclusion, HWSETA exists to achieve the develop and implement the Sector Skills Plan(SSP), to Monitoring education and training, to Identify workplaces for practical work experience for leaners and interns, to Support and facilitate the development of the National Skills Development Strategy, Disbursement of levies collected, Account for the effective and efficient use of public monies in line with the provisions of the Public Finance Management Act and to the Promotion of the employment of disabled persons