CHILDLINE MPUMALANGA support the move towards eliminating all forms of violence and abuse against all gender, races and ages. The organization is working within communities to build a caring society for all to be there for each other and keep them informed of all the resources needed when you have been violated. People need to understand that ’violence can happen to anyone’.

Victims of sexual abuse, rape & physical abuse are given back their dignity and hope at the Thuthuzela Care Centres.

The Thuthuzela Care Centres where CLMPU is working are located at the National District Hospitals in Ermelo, Evander and Witbank, as well as Mapulaneng, Embuleni and Shongwe.

This service entails a process where a doctor conducts a medical examination, the victim’s statement is taken by the investigating officer on call at the centre and the victim receives further medical treatment.

This process, together with trauma debriefing and counselling by the social worker on site, in a safe comforting environment allows victims to become survivors.

Forms of abuse and violence reported to the TCC includes:

Physical abuse: pushing, hitting, slapping, choking, kicking and beating

Emotional abuse: Someone criticize and threatens you

Sexual Abuse: Someone forcing you to have sex or to do sexual acts you do not want or like

What to do when one has been sexually assaulted?

  1. Do not wash after incident. All victims should urgently seek assistance from their nearest clinic or hospital or Thuthuzela Care Center within 72 hours or Police station where victims will be served with dignity and respect. Information relating to the abuse will be documented and evidence collected that could help the court to find a person who did this to you to be arrested.

Violence happens to both boys and girls, all ages and all races makes them feel hurt and sad but telling someone about it will help over time heal.

It is never too late to report sexual assault at any Police station.  Some victims are reluctant to report because they are afraid or feel embarrassed. Alternatively, dial the 0800 55 555 24 hour Childline toll free line where the friendly Counsellor will assist you and refer to the Social Worker. Many adult and children become victims and are having difficult time to cope affecting their Psychological health. Let Childline talk to you while there is none to talk to.

Access Counselling service

Receive Counselling service offered by Social Worker to help with healing process and follow up counselling service. You get healing with support.

Family/Community Support

Explain to the family of what happened to you to show lots of care and support. To also develop safety plans such as suggesting walking in groups rather than alone all the time, avoid moving at night to reduce the risk, stop riding or walking with strangers. CLMPU seek to be uniting communities under the spirit of UBUNTU, putting the needs of others ahead of their own and to be there for each other.

NB. ‘You didn’t ask for it’, Do not feel guilty. All citizens deserve to be safe and healthy.