Capacity Building

Capacity building involves training and teaching not only children, youth and parents, but also CLMPU staff and other NPO staff members. We facilitate capacity building programmes, aimed at developing and strengthening the skills, abilities and resources of our youth, their families and the communities they form part of. Internal training of staff takes place during supervision and as needs arise.

Training programs includes:

  • Early Childhood Development: The effective management of centres where there are children from ages 0–6 is of the utmost importance. Our Early Childhood Development team is ready to support matrons and caregivers with their management and will ensure that centres comply with relevant legislation.
  • Training of Educators takes place through the CAPP (Child Abuse Prevention) is done in order to assist educators to:
      • Identify and report abuse
      • To refer suspected cases of child abuse
      • To facilitate disclosure of abuse
      • To support children through the process which follows disclosure
  • Our CAPP (Child Abuse Prevention) team is also always ready to help educate children in important topics, topics such as reporting abuse. Awareness training in schools for children can be done through our puppet theatre and done weekly and covers the following:
  • Types of abuse
  • Physical abuse
  • Sexual abuse
  • Emotional abuse
  • How to report or disclose abuse
  • Field Instructing of Fourth Year Social Work Students.
  • Social Work Students in-service learning.
  • Social Auxiliary Workers internships.
  • CPD Training courses for Social Workers.
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