Community Development Programme

Child protection Forums

Child Protection Forums (CPFs) have been established at all 8 sites. Quarterly CPF meetings are held with an aim to plan for activities that will be conducted and also to give feedback on services that were provided to beneficiaries.


Child Protection Forums (CPFs) are mainly aimed at strengthening the referral systems and foster collaborations between Childline Mpumalanga and stakeholders at site level. Also, CPFs seeks to concientise role players and the community at large to take action against the abuse of children particularly Orphans Vulnerable Children. Child Protection Forums are formed by representatives from Government Departments including Home Affairs, Social Development, Health, education, Police and COGTA and members from Local Based Organisations such as Home Based Care groups, youth organisations, National Association of Child Care Workers (NACCW) etc. Currently 185 members participate on child protection forums.


Furthermore, the child protection forums made it easier to sign Memorandum of Understandings (MOUs) with stakeholders. Therefore, solid good working relationships with stakeholders have been enhanced through MOUs which were signed. 82 MOUs have been signed with different stakeholders.       



Clinical nutrition and HIV counselling and testing


Through partnerships with Department of Health, clinical nutritional support services were provided to OVC in Ehlanzeni District.  HIV education counselling and testing services were conducted in conjunction with World Aids day (1 December).




Educational Support


Childline Mpumalanga care workers have developed a good partnership with the Department of Education and they are continuing to serve OVC with homework support as part of an after school program, some of the OVC are assisted individually at a house hold level. This program mainly focused on developing literacy and numeracy skills, motivating learners to commit to their studies as well as helping them to appreciate the benefits of continuous hard work.




Care Workers Event


Childline Mpumalanga hosted a Care worker feedback event in September 2013 where feedback regarding the achievements of the program was given to Care Workers, stakeholders and other community members.  During this event, Childline also acknowledged Care Workers that managed to deliver services to children beyond what was expected of them. 




Human Rights Dialogues


Human rights dialogues were held at sites level where children participated. Dialogues were facilitated by Social Workers from DSD, SAPS officials, Love Life facilitators and our in-house Social Workers. Children were afforded the opportunity to discuss about their rights and responsibilities. 




TB awareness and screening


Through our partnership with the Department of Health, TB awareness and screening were held. The activity was aimed at both children and parents or guardians.







Childline Mpumalanga (CLMPU) entered into a partnership with the organisation namely Clowns Without Boarders South Africa (CWBSA). CWBSA is a non-governmental organisation focusing on improving the psychosocial condition of children and communities in crisis through laughter and play. Three projects were implemented between January and April 2014 through the partnership in Dwarsloop site under Bushbuckridge Local Municipality: school tour Performance, parenting skills workshop and Staff Capacity Building. A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed between Childline Mpumalanga and Clowns Without Borders. The partnership was a success and the community benefited from the programmes which were conducted.




Household Economic Strengthening


Skills trainings on vegetable gardening were conducted at 6 sites under Ehlanzeni District Municipality by the Department of Agriculture. The training was aimed at equipping Care Givers with skills to do vegetable gardens which they will generate some income and also to feed their households. The Department of Agriculture also distributed seedling to Care Givers who attended the training in Bushbuckridge. The Department will conduct a follow up training on quarterly bases to continue mentoring the participants. A total of 178 Care Givers attended the training.


Youth attended workshop on budgeting and serving. The workshop was conducted by financial institutions which include Liberty Life and Standard Bank.